I started this blog because I couldn’t sleep. I felt like I could be contributing something to the world, but I wasn’t doing it. I needed to start, so I did.

I could see it all happening – the trendiness of marketing and its changing forms. There are times when I feel lively and begin to see hope in advertisements, banners and blogs.

They’re truthful masterpieces of craftsmanship and hard work of marketers.

Some things in marketing sparkle.

They can make you laugh, help you find what you need, teach you and even sell you – all without faking things or using your vulnerability.

I admire the creativity of marketers who put an honest effort in actually serving the customers and not just selling to them. They rule.

Though, what concerns me is how marketing is slowly heading itself to hell, and taking the world along with it.

These days I’m much more confused by the words such as liars, marketers and deceivers – they all sound too analogous and resemble each other. The problem isn’t just that they’re dishonest. They’re misusing their powers.

Marketers are damn powerful.

Marketers create a social impact, control minds and even make people do things they want them to do, like charmers. This power becomes a curse to others when it’s delusional though.

Simply put, the changes and perceiving where the industry is heading to, I feel restless. I feel like something’s getting ruined. Slowly.

We could be doing something to turn marketing into a honest arena, or change it after clearing off the blemishes it has been smeared on with over time.

But for that to happen, there has to be a beginning. Someone needs to start and take a stand. To tell the truth, to find a way to serve and to draw a line between marketing and lying.

Maybe some people have already begun. To me, the beginning starts here.

Who runs this stuff?

Vishal Ostwal


I’m Vishal Ostwal.

A writer and blogger from Aurangabad, India.

I’m in this industry since 3+ years and love the tiny details of marketing. The way various mediums connect businesses with people – it excites me.

I do some things – transparent marketing is one of those.

If you ever need to contact me, you can.

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Why the name Transparent Marketing?

It reflects values.

The name shows the simple principle this website is based on – honesty. Transparency. No deception, lies, or trickery.