Clickbaits and the Reactions of the Audience Imagined

clickbait meme

Clickbaits are flooding the Internet and are always “shocking” people with their “dirty secrets” and enticing marketers to turn into tricksters.

They’re one of those cheap tactics invented to attract eyeballs to cheaper content. A nice way to waste your audience’s time and ruining their expectations.

Maybe it’s time to bring down the ‘clickbait techniques’ which are being glorified. We need to search for some alternatives instead.

Here are some clickbait examples and the witty reactions of the audience imagined

Who the hell gives a damn about being right when profanity works, right?

Because suspense is essential…

Frighten them. Shock them. Who cares about providing value?

Oh God, why?

Make people feel like idiots. Then convince them you’re trying to make them smart. Cool!

Holy cow! I can’t wait to see what happened next.

Because you know how skeptical I am.

Usual things. Unusual headlines.

Go ahead. Enlighten me.

I’m dying to know what it is.

I don’t want to feel left out. Please tell me.

This seems like some serious stuff.

The truth has been spoken.

Final Thought

I just hope we find better ways to present our content instead of relying on clickbaits. Fingers crossed. Hoping for the Internet to be fair place.

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