The Simplest Way to Create Ideal Content for Your Audience

"Treat your content like food"

All content creators have questions

  • How many words long should my blog post be?
  • What should be the length of my YouTube video?
  • How can I make my infographics interesting?

The exact answers to these questions are dependent on lots of factors.

The internet is full of information and facts – they’re enough to confuse and overwhelm you.

But let’s boil it down and draw some simple conclusions so that you don’t get confused while creating content again.

Focus on these two simple things

  1. Value
  2. Impact

That’s all.

Don’t ask about how that would contribute to ROI, growth rate and stuff. At least, not until you finish reading this post.

Keep it simple.

Food and content

Pay close attention and you’d know – both have similarities.

  • Quantity
    Content has length and size. Food has quantity. In both cases, be precise about how much is enough.
  • Presentation
    Delighting food, garnished and served pathetically, only disappoints people. Enlightening content, presented the wrong way, makes it repulsive.
  • Choices
    Whether it’s the restaurant menu or list of content on a site, both can make decision taking easy or baffling.
  • Arrangement
    You slice your cakes and pizzas. You divide content in segments. You do both for a sensible reason.
  • Details
    Cherry, tutti-frutti and chocolate chips matter. Facts, quotes and stats matter.
  • Etc.
    I hope you get it.

There are several mutual factors. You need to be smart enough to learn and notice them.

Some simple questions to ask when creating content

Observe yourself as you eat, or consume any kind of content.

Some emotions are instantly triggered – use those intuitive feelings to judge content your content.

Humans are psychologically and emotionally involved with markets, not just rationally.

As a content creator, you can use that fact to your advantage, as it reduces the overall complexity of understanding things for you.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when creating content:

  • Is our audience happy with our content?
  • What would our followers like?
  • What’s their feedback?
  • How can we delight them?
  • What can we change to do it better?
  • Is our content building a connection?
  • Is it strengthening our brand?
  • Are we consistent in our style?
  • Does this reflect our mission?
  • How can we align our content with our goals?

Observe constantly.

Pay attention to the details.

Sooner or later, you’d able to figure out what kind of content works the best for you. Till then, little questions like these help you stay focused.

The ideal content?

“Length is not an issue if your content is easy to consume and does what it’s made for.”

Fundamentally, ideal content…

  • Is easy to consume
  • Fulfills its purpose
  • Serves customers
  • Is brief
  • Educates

Pay attention to how everyone uses content

I know, it’s hard to make people care about what you create.

But if you deliver you message the way they want it, they’d love it. Otherwise, they’ll keep rolling their eyes.

  • Don’t press people to like your content
  • Make your content as fun as those cat memes
  • Leave a touch that lasts
  • Give them a reason to crave your content

These are simple things.

But it gets hard, due to some other reasons. I’ll explain them in the some other post. Subscribe to this blog to avoid missing out upcoming stuff.


Understand your audience. Find out the kind of content they like. Give it to them.

There’s nothing new to these lessons; they’re obvious.

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