The Only Easiest Way to Marketing Success

The Easiest Way to Marketing Success

What makes a marketing attempt successful?

Why do certain products sell more than others?

How does a particular brand disrupt the market?

Why do people turn into fanatics for something?

What marketers do

We make people think.

We sort of steer their perception.

The things we do answer all of the above questions.

Marketing is the reason why people pay $50 for a $5 product. Marketing is also behind make some set of brands with shiny logos look superior. Marketing can make people feel good about what they buy.

Overall, marketing is always playing an undeniable part in your success.

Though, marketing has its own drawbacks

You can’t control everything.

In the end, customers decide what will thrive or tumble.

Above all, you can’t guarantee marketing success. Not even after you’ve given your best shot.

Then how do you create a marketing success?

There’s a simpler way.

It sort of connects all the motives of sellers to the intentions of the customers.

Here’s the secret sauce to making a marketing success – “make things cool.”

It’s simple

People are always hunting for quality, calculating budgets, seeking better options, and do other activities when making decisions.

Still, at the core they’re seeking something they can emotionally connect to, and something that can fulfill their needs at the same time.

Take a look at some examples

Fidget spinners are, after all, toys. But they became a trend recently. Millions of fidget spinners were sold. Why?

Because they became cool.

People didn’t question whether they’re wasting their money. The psychological benefits of fidget spinners are still undefined. But fidget spinners have already made a mark.

It’s the same case with brands, products and people

iPhone doesn’t sell only because it’s the iPhone. The struggle of Steve Jobs, authenticity of Apple, and its culture itself sets it apart. It has a story. People love Apple.

Adults play with toys

They buy Batman merchandise and Spiderman t-shirts – only because they find them cool.

They told stories

Disney entertained and connected with people through Mickey Mouse and other cartoons, and people backed it up. It’s now a legacy.

The King         

Michael Jackson wasn’t popular because he danced and sang. He was unique. He had a story. He did something people admired.

They made them feel good

Nike doesn’t sell shoes. Not just shoes. It glorifies sports, and respects athletes. It touches their love for sports.

There’s a lot

Look around.

There’s always something that separates brand with strong customer loyalty from those which are … ordinary.

They have that ‘cool factor’ in them.

A few quick questions

Keep your work aside. Screw stats. Sit back and think.

  1. What makes your brand unique?
  2. What drives people to you?
  3. What distinguishes you from others?
  4. What qualities make you who you are?

Add some more questions which are important to you. That helps in gaining a better clarity about what you do. It fixes lots of problems.

The conclusion is simple

“It’s not about what you do, or sell or create. It’s about who you are and how you make others feel. Also about how others see you.”

Your marketing success is based on how deep is the impact you create.

Find a ways to touch people. Be unique. Be cool.

In short, create something people wish to see. Be someone people want to hang out with. Sell something people crave to have.

Keep it simple.

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