Don’t Punch the Wall. Use This List of Evergreen Content Marketing Ideas

A List of Evergreen Content Marketing Ideas

This is nothing but a list of evergreen content marketing ideas even your grandkids may chew over.

It’s made to smash the pain you face during the content creation process, so you don’t punch the walls out of frustration.

What are evergreen content marketing ideas?

The ideas which aren’t time-sensitive and don’t get outdated for long period are called evergreen content marketing ideas, as they remain relevant regardless of how old they get.

In short, they’re timeless.

Could you imagine what would happen if your content was dipped and shut in some strong preservative? Yes, that.

Your content would remain fresh.

Evergreen ideas always remain fresh, almost.

Why should you create content based on evergreen ideas?

You can bet on evergreen ideas to form a bulk of cornerstone content.

Considering that you want to establish a huge base of content most of your audience can related to, and to which you can link most of your offers, evergreen ideas are an unmistakable choice.

It can back up most of your content marketing efforts.

How to use this evergreen idea list

Firstly, remember that this list is universal.

Which means, you may be a cupcake seller or a jewelry shop owner. An experienced maven or a staggering novice. A librarian with a blog, or a YouTuber with a million followers.

Doesn’t matter.

This list is for you.

Focus on it, use your creativity, and juice out every idea you can using these topics as a guideline.

Don’t stress about finding ideas. You don’t need. This evergreen list should be more than enough to help you create hundreds (or perhaps thousands, if your imagination is wild) of ideas.

So if you’re on the verge of beginning your content marketing journey, or have been pondering about finding ideas for content marketing since a while – go ahead and use this list.

TIP:  Get this post in the form of a handy PDF containing tips for finding ideas. Use it for your reference if you need it in future during content creation, or to share it with your team.


1. # Myths About _____


  • 5 Myths About the Advertisement Industry
  • 9 Widespread Myths About Artificial Intelligence
  • 10 Myths People Still Believe About Cryptocurrency

2. # Things to Do Before You _____


  • 9 Things to Do Before You Plan a Trip to India
  • 25 Important Things to Do Before You Switch From Windows to Linux
  • 10 Things to Learn Before Starting Your YouTube Vlog

3. # Things to Do After You _____


  • 9 Things to Do After You Visit India
  • 25 Important Things to Do After Installing Linux
  • 10 Things to Learn After Starting a YouTube Vlog

4. # Things to Avoid When _____


  • 15 Things to Avoid When You’re New to Film Industry
  • 5 Overrated Steps You Can Avoid to Start a Business Fast
  • 10 Mistakes to Avoid Making in Your Final Year of College

5. The Best Way to _____


  • The Best Way to Prepare a Your Kids for Studying Maths
  • The Best Way to Save Money Every Time You Shop at Walmart
  • The Best Way to Get a High Resale Value for Your Old Laptop

6. A Beginner’s Guide to _____


  • A Beginner’s Guide to Get Comfortable With Dancing
  • A Complete Guide for Budding Entrepreneur to Go Big
  • A Novice Skater’s Guide for Making Perfect Moves

7. List of Tools Every _____ Must Have


  • A List of Tools Every Sales Rep Must Have
  • A Complete Checklist Productivity Tools for Aspiring Comic Artists
  • A List of Minimal Mobile Tools Every Busy Manager Should Have

8. # Skills to Learn if You’re a _____


  • 5 Major Skills Every Creative Director Must Have
  • 9 Skills Which Can Contribute to Your Professional Growth
  • 45 Useful Skills Chefs Can Learn in Less Than a Week

9. # People Every _____ Should Follow


  • 5 Modern Thought Leaders Millennials Can Learn From
  • 10 Entrepreneurship Mavens You Can Connect With on Twitter
  • 7 YouTubers You Must Follow if You’re a Cinematography Student

10. # Things _____ Can Do to Increase Their Productivity


  • 5 Tactics You Can Use to Stay Productive in a Cubicle
  • 10 Productive Things You Can Do During a Long Commute
  • 15 Simple Changes You Can Make to  Increase Office Productivity

11. # Articles Every _____ Should Read


  • 17 Thoughtful Articles Feminists Can Learn From
  • 15 Optimistic Posts You Must Read if Global Warming Concerns You
  • 9 Simple Posts to Help You Understand Everything About Investing

12. # YouTube Channels Every _____ Should Subscribe to


  • 5 YouTube Channels Movie Buff Should Subscribe to
  • 7 YouTube Channels You Must Follow to Discover Top Travel Destinations
  • 9 YouTube Channels Which Teach You How to Meditate

13. A Complete Guide to Planning Your Next _____


  • The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Next Side Business
  • A Complete Guide to Planning Your Food Processing Unit
  • A Foolproof Guide for Planning Your Event Management Hiring Process

14. # Little Activities Every _____ Can Do Each Day


  • 25 Little Habits You Can Adapt to Quit Smoking
  • 50 Tiny Things to Do to Make Your Car Last Longer
  • 25 Lifestyle Changes Which Will Likely Strengthen Your Immunity

15. # Expert Tips for _____


  • 10 Experts Share Tips on Buying Your Perfect Cellphone
  • 15 HR Experts Share the Skills Which Matter the Most
  • 25 Leaders Share Their Tips for Achieving Success

16. # Steps to Take Your _____ to Next Level


  • 9 Steps to Take Your Painting Skills to Next Level
  • 5 Underrated Steps for Saving Time Daily
  • 25 Hard Steps You Need to Take to Grow Your Company’s Profits

17. # Quotes About _____


  • 10 Humorous Quotes About Consultancy Business
  • 15 Honest Quotes Every Tatoo Artist Can Relate To
  • 25 Philosophical Quotes Which Can Simplify Your Life

18. The Quickest Way to Solve _____


  • The Quickest Way to Fix a Leaking Tap
  • Here’s an Instant Way to Boost Your Laptop’s Speaker Volume
  • Try This Fast Way to Sync All the Data in Your Different Browsers

19. How to Do _____ When _____


  • How to Start a Business When You Have Almost No Money
  • How to Look Taller When Your Height is Merely Average
  • How to Read More Books When You’re Super Busy

20. Top # _____ You Must Follow


  • Top 5 Websites You Can Follow to Get Genuine News
  • 9 Comic Artists to Follow for Politics Related Humor
  • 8 Rising Indie Artists to Follow for Great Electronic Music

21. # Books Every _____ Must Read


  • 5 Career Related Books to Read if You’re in First Year
  • 7 Books Introverts Should Read to Sharpen Their Social Skills
  • 9 Books All Budding Photographers Should Read Once

22. # Lists Every _____ Must Prepare


  • 5 Lists College Students Should Prepare to Stay Organized
  • 9 Separate Grocery Lists to Make to Save More
  • 5 Lists Housewives Can Make to Ease Their Chores

23. A List of _____ Important Things Every Beginner Must Know


  • A List of Punctuation Rules Every Copywriting Noob Must Know
  • A Complete List of Mistakes to Avoid When You’re New to Stock Market
  • 25 Things to Get Familiar With Before You Accept Too Many Clients

24. How to Improve the _____ of Your _____


  • How to Improve the Mileage of Your New Bike
  • How to Enhance Your Student’s Self-Esteem
  • How to Increase Your Product’s Brand Equity

25. A Complete List of Resources You Need to _____


  • A Checklist of Resources You Need to Create a Garden in Your Backyard
  • You’ll Require These Minimum Resources to Start Your Own Bakery
  • Here Are All the Resources You Need to Learn Sewing

26. How to Do _____ on a Low Budget


  • A Checklist of Resources You Need to Create a Garden in Your Backyard
  • You’ll Require These Minimum Resources to Start Your Own Bakery
  • Here Are All the Resources You Need to Learn Sewing

27. _____ Things _____ Shouldn’t Do


  • 5 Foods People Having Diabetes Shouldn’t Eat
  • 10 Crucial Legal Steps Small Business Shouldn’t Ignore
  • 15 Things PC Owners Shouldn’t Do to Keep Their Computer Secure

28. Tips for _____ Who Are Bad at _____


  • Tips for Women Who are Bad at Knitting
  • Tips for Men Having a Hard Time Learning Driving
  • Tips for the Bad-tempered Boss to Stay Calm

29. What to Do When _____


  • What to Do When You Don’t Have Enough Money to Travel
  • What to Do When Your Car Fuel Exhausts at a Remote Place
  • What to Do When You Quit Your Job Without a Plan

30. # Ways to Make the Most Out of Your _____


  • 5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Gym Membership
  • 10 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Holiday Trip
  • 14 Ideas to Use Your Free Time in the Best Possible Way

31. # Milestones You Should Set If You’re _____


  • 5 Important Milestones to Set If You Wish to Be a Professional Guide
  • 10 Goals to Aim for After Starting Your New Business
  • 14 Milestones You Can Set to Improve Your Fitness

32. # _____ Most _____ Don’t Know


  • 10 Advanced Shortcuts Most Professional Programmers Don’t Know
  • 15 Money Saving Ideas Most Online Shoppers Don’t Know
  • 5 Tips to Save Money on Healthcare Most Citizens Don’t Know

33. # Ways To Improve Your _____


  • 5 Ways To Improve the Look of Your Office Lobby
  • 3 Ways to Make Homemade Lemonade Taste Better
  • 7 Quick Ideas to Improve the Way You Deal With Angry Clients

34. Beware of These _____ If You’re a _____


  • Beware of These 4 Hidden Charges When Opening a New Savings Account
  • Beware of These 15 Bad Decisions When Camping in August
  • Beware of These 5 Offers When Shopping Branded Items at a Local Shop

35. How to Fix _____


  • How to Repair a Stuck Zipper Quickly
  • How to Fix a Bad Website Design
  • How to Handle a Client Relationship Gone Wrong

That’s all for now

It’s 2:40 A.M and I’m lazy enough to add some conclusive content.

This list will be updated regularly.

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