How to Become a Market Leader in Your Arena (the Easy Way)

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NOTE: This post isn’t only about sales but rather talks about influence, reach and impact that’s created when business strive for reasons which are bigger than making profits.

It’s simple. No complications. It’s not about business or tactics but rather about something greater.

What’s common among the biggest leaders in the market?

You may mention several factors, such as their products, approach, pricing, brand equity, etc. – and they all matter, undoubtedly.

Though, there’s a peculiar characteristic which separates the market leaders from the rest. A trait that’s not only a part of business but also works equally in personal branding and market value of almost anything.

If you’re a good observer, you might have noticed this

Here’s a simple question for you.

Answer it wisely.

What’s common among Socrates, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Nicola Tesla?

So … these people were powerful. They gathered the support of masses and shook the world with their influence. They saved and enriched certain lives.

They did good things.

But what does it have to do with marketing?

A lot.

They can teach you a simple thing that’s still unnoticed.

Or maybe, it’s just one of those lessons that people don’t pay attention to and are badly underrated.

Here’s the thing

“What’s common among what these people did, is a factor that’s responsible for marketing success – the ability to empower.”

Somehow, either directly or indirectly, these people empowered a vast population which was otherwise neglected and exploited, or was going through certain painful phase. They made people realize their own power.

That was a reason behind their success and influence – their way of empowering others. Public could directly relate themselves to the cause of these leaders.

When these influencers conveyed their messages or spread their work, they got in contact with public and empowered them.

  • Socrates made people wiser than they were and gave them courage.
  • Buddha enlightened people and took them towards peace.
  • Mahatma Gandhi helped a nation come together for freedom.
  • Nelson Mandela put an end to apartheid for rights of black people.
  • Nicola Tesla invented AC electricity which helps you charge your phone.

So, that’s the right way to market things, or anything.

People feel more connected to you when you share similar values and work towards the same mission they’re hoping for.

When you emerge with an idea or something to empower them, they know about you. You don’t need to try to gain loyalty or trust, because it comes naturally to you.

You don’t need to explain your intentions, because people support you as long as you care about their welfare.

That’s genuine power.

An asset.

Notice the market; it’s similar

Look closely and you’d know that certain brands and market leaders in the industry are actually ahead because they’re empowering their customers.

  • Google made information available at fingertips
  • Walmart helped people save their hard-earned money
  • Amazon gave people the power to shop from their homes
  • Facebook connected people across the whole world
  • PayPal allowed people to transfer money globally
  • Tesla created electric cars that are safer for earth

In short, all companies have the ability for empower their customers in little or big ways.

It’s possible for businesses to figure out their own strengths by realizing what their values and missions are. Ultimately, it only eases their chances of success.

So, how do you become a market leader?

Along with conducting marketing research, studying the behavioral patterns of customers and crafting skillful marketing copies, companies and business people should ask themselves this simple question:

“What are we doing to empower others?”

This simple question alone can change the way certain businesses function or work towards achieving their marketing objectives.

Who knows, they might end up becoming the marketing leaders in their respective arenas if they succeed to empower enough people.

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