Content Marketing: 10 Lists to Create to Immediately Simplify Your Work

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Although content marketers might not realize it, they waste a lot of time doing tasks that aren’t necessary.

Their day consists of networking, researching content, organizing stuff, and doing a bundle of other tasks which are enough to exhaust them.

However, most of these tasks can be cut-off by making some simple lists.

Enough said.

Here are 11 lists every content marketer should create 😉

Let’s get started with zero.

List #0: Content topics

Creative blocks are costly.

You cannot afford them.

Instead of running out of ideas now and then, create a list covering all the topics you might need to write about.

Include some blog post headlines in your list if you need to. Keep a stock ready, always.

List #1: People to connect with

As a content marketer, you need to expand your network to find new opportunities.

Often, it’s overwhelming and tiresome to discover people having similar interests as you, or those in your niche.

Instead of spending time finding the right people amid the chaos, keep an eye on some right people.

Once you figure out who you want to connect with, list down their contact details such as email or social media profiles.

Then, try developing a genuine relation with them in the long term.

List #2: Creative ideas

Ideas are lifeblood.

You’d often need to keep coming with creative ideas – catchphrases, new content types, hashtags, or video editing styles.

As a content marketer, it’s your responsibility to remain a step ahead.

To lead other creatives in your team, and ensure that they don’t run out of ideas.

Make a list of all the creative ideas in an organized way. This would be an asset you can use anytime.

List #3: Guest posting sites

A simple Excel sheet or document containing all the sites in your niche can definitely be one of your go-to resources.

You don’t need to search for details, contact other people, or spend your time on the internet each time you search for a guest posting opportunity.

Instead, you can create a single document and use it forever,  as long as you keep updating it regularly.

Make sure you also include details such as links to publishing guideline pages and pitching emails.

List #4: Tools you need

Whether you’re talking of WordPress plugins or android applications – you’ll certainly need to refer them repeatedly.

You might forget about them often and need to search them again.

To avoid that from happening, create a list of useful tools you’re likely to use.

List #5: Professional growth steps

Stagnation is fatal.

Keep finding ways to constantly raise your skills, knowledge and capabilities.

This might mean deciding the next certification course you were thinking about, focusing on a skill you should learn, or creating an account on a site you want to get familiar with.

It’s better to plan and keep growing at a steady pace, rather than staying stuck.

List #6: Potential prospects

Don’t forget about the clients you’ve already worked with, and try connecting with some new prospects who might need your services.

It’s easier to work with a set of loyal customers.

Also, you reduce the need to search for new work, unless you have a day job.

You can always find new opportunities via your existing network through referrals and testimonials after making a list of potential hirers or clients.

List #7: Documented pricing criteria

You may need to work as an independent consultant, or execute tasks requiring varying efforts if you’re a freelancer.

In such case, you might struggle when it comes to deciding pricing based on the demands of your clients.

To avoid getting trapped in dilemma of overpricing or underpricing yourself, it’s better to keep a well-documented pricing criteria handy.

List #8: Influencers to connect with

You can’t connect with every person.

It takes time to nurture relationships and to actually gain the attention of people without being interruptive.

It’s quite obvious in case of influencers – because they get a lot of emails and requests each day.

To stand out of the crowd, make a list of handful of influencers you’re most eager to connect with.

Gather their contact details, share their content, find ways to help them, and try getting in touch with them until they notice you.

List #9: Pending tasks

All content marketers deal with this fuzzy-mind problem.

A bunch of projects or incomplete ideas keep bugging you. Bad content makes your restless.

You become stressed if you forget about certain tasks you were supposed to assign to others.

Keep a list of things you need to execute, small and big, to avoid all this mess.

List #10: Ongoing projects

Finally, remember that you’re a human, bound by deadlines and limited amount of resources.

Instead of saying ‘yes’ to almost every project that comes on your way, take a look at what you’re dealing with.

Reflect and check whether your plate is full. It’s better to deny certain requests instead of disappointing people by faking promises.

Keep assessing your ongoing work to check whether you need to hustle harder or slow down.

Now tell me.

How do you stay productive and organized? Make any lists? Share in the comments below. Or ramble something. I want to know. 

Go ahead, I’m listening.


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