This Collection of Old Indian Ads Will Make You Nostalgic

Old Indian Television Ads

The advertisement industry in India has been here for long enough.

B Dattaram, Mudra Communications, Ogilvy & Mather were few of those pioneers which made the ads shown on Doordarshan and Zee TV.

Advertisements sort of worked in the background. Yet, they played an inseparable role in our lives.

It evolved then

About forty years ago, advertisements were still budding, whereas the latter decades marked the transition phase in India.

Throughout the journey from old black and white CRTs of 90s, to the present era of 4K televisions and Chromecast, some of us just grew up.

Still, here are some Indian ads which will remind of the good ‘ol days.

Something significant details about these ads

Remember – these ads are from the era when the idiot box was almost the only source of entertainment, since Indian people were yet to get their hands on phones and the internet.

Also, these ads were quite closely connected to the lives of middle class Indians, as they were focused on their common lives.

So you’re not to be blamed if these ads remind you of your childhood, or turn your eyes watery.

You’re growing old.

And appreciate the ad industry, if you can

Some of the actors featured in these ads have died.

It hurts to know that how the effort of a bunch of creatives and hard-working professionals is packed into a film of a about 30 seconds, which soon fades away as time passes.

Yet, something sticks.

Ads become memories.

Appreciate the ad industry. It’s filled with some beautiful people who deserve  respect and attention for their creativity and hard work.

Not all ads are lies.

Not all people in the ad industry are liars.

Here’s a list of the best old Indian ads which will make you nostalgic

Ready for a quick time travel? Here you go.

Hum the jingles of old ads or recall the life you lived then. To me, it felt beautiful to collect and see all these again.

This list isn’t arranged in chronological order. In some cases, I couldn’t find videos. But well, here’s everything that the internet had to offer.

Thanks to each one of you who contributed to this list. I cried while making this one, which doesn’t happen usually. Also, I’d be grateful if you share this list with your friends and network.

1.  Dhara Cooking Oil Ad

2. Sundrop Oil Ad

3. Fevi Kwik – Chutki Mein Chipkaye Ad

4. Luna – Chal Meri Luna Ad

5. Hamara Bajaj Ad

6. Vicco Vajradanti Ad

7. Lijjat Papad Ad

8. Kayam Churna Ad

9. Action – School Time Shoes Ad

10. Nerolac Paints – Deewaro Ko Jab Sajaana Ho Ad

11. Onida TV – 25 NV Ad

12. Fevicol Ad – Moochwali Ad

13. Fevicol – Bus Ad

14. Fevicol Ad – Aliens

15. Raymond Ad

16. Amul Manthan – Doodh Ka Sagar Ad

17. Amul Ice Cream Ad

18. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan – School Chale Hum Ad

19. Cycle Agarbatti – Bhagwan Hai Ad

20. Cadbury Perk Ad

21. Maggi Ad

22. Amul Butter – Utterly Butterly Delicious Ad

23. Nestle Milkybar – Give Me the Power Ad

24. Taj Mahal Tea – Zakir Hussain Ad

25. Ambuja Cement – Deewar Tootati Kyun Nahi Ad

26. Cherry Blossom – Charlie Chaplin Ad

27. Pepsi Ad – Oye Bubbly Ad

28. Maruti – Pertrol Khatam Hi Ni Hunda

29. Hero Honda – Desh Ki Dhadkan Ad

30. Bajaj Caliber – Hoodibaba Ad

31. Nestle Cerelac Ad

32. Sona Chandi Chyawanprash Ad

33. Tata Salt – Chutki Bhar Vishwas – Pizza Ad

34. Cadbury Dairy Milk – Kuchh Khaas Hai Ad

35. Dairy Milk – Kitna Maza Aaye Re Ad

36. Cadbury Dairy Milk – Khaane Waalo Ko Khaane Ka Bahaana Chahiye Ad

37. Big Babol Chewing Gum Ad

38. Boomber Bubble Gum Ad

39. Happydent White Chewing Gum Ad

40. Center Shock Chewing Gum Ad

41. Ravalgaon Mango Mood Ad

42. Cadbury Chocki Ad

43. Mentos Ad

44. DS Pass Pass Ad

45. Pan Parag Ad

46. Parle Poppins – Doon Kya Ad

47. Apsara Extra Dark Pencils

48. Reynolds 045 Ad

49. Nokia – Dakiya Daak Laaya Ad

50. Eveready – Give Me Read Ad

51. Pepsi – Dil Maange More – Sachin Tendulkar Ad

52. Airtel – A.R. Rahman Ad

53. Idea Cellular Ad

54. Vodafone Zoozoo Ads

55. Ujala Supreme – Chaar Boondo Wala Ad

56. Pillsburry – Chakki Fresh Atta Ad

57. Domino’s – Pizza Aaye Free Ad

58. Nirma Shudh Namak Ad

59. Washing Powder Nirma Ad

60. Nima Rose Soap Ad

61. Nirma Beauty Soap Ad

62. Nirma Sandal Soap Ad

63. Super Vasmol 33 Ad

64. Ring Guard – Daad Ko Bye Bye Ad

65. Closeup – Kya Aap Closeup Karte Hai Ad

66. Ponds Cold Cream – Googly Woogly Woosh Ad

67. Lead India – Tum Chalo Toh Hindustan Chale Ad

68. Platinum Love Bands – Day of Love Ad

69. Coca Cola – Aamir Khan Ad

70. Sunfeast Shahrukh Khan Ad

71. Mortein Louie Ad

72. All Out Ad

73. Limca Ad

74. Mountain Dew Ad

75. 7up Ad

76. Fanta – Mann Uchhal Uchhal Jaaye Ad

77. Hutch – You and I Ad

78. Vodafone Zoozoo Ads

79. IDBI Bank Ad

80. – Hari Sadu Ad

81. LIC – Heere Ko Kya Pata Ad

82. LIC Jeevan Anand Ad

83. Tata Docomo Ad

84. Bajaj Bulb – Roshni Deta Bajaj

85. Lifebuoy – Lifebuoy Hai Jahaan Ad

Did I miss something?

Recommend any old ads I might have missed – we’ll update this list further. Or share what you liked about all these in the comments.

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