One Trend Which Is Seriously Molding the Future of Modern Marketing

A shift has occurred.

I don’t know whether you have noticed it. But a change has dissolved into marketing. I feel glad about it; the change is good.

Here’s the deal – marketing is becoming more realistic.

Marketing is turning itself away from faking and deluding towards becoming realistic and honest.

Some sort of sugarcoating still exists in marketing, but that trend is fading.
I know, some business and websites are still unable to quit their old school ways, but it only makes their survival harder.

The fall of tricksters and fakers

They want to trick, but the audience refuses to be fooled.

They want to use people, but people ask to be served and treated well.

They want to behave like authority and control perception, but all that audience asks to them is being genuine.

Maybe there’s no such thing, but I prefer being opinionated. Pay attention to people; read their souls. I think something’s changing.

The way resources are available to everyone and market is being disrupted – people have become powerful. They run everything.

Is fooling people with marketing tactics ethical?

Real life situation Is fooling people with marketing tactics ethical?Linked AOK and WOK Sources Ethics FaithBuying a product for 9,99 ‎€ thus thinking it costs 9‎€instead of 10‎€ Faith – Reason – Ethics Faith = complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

Some marketers pretend as if they don’t get it

People understand advertisements make no sense sometimes.

People get frustrated when you repeatedly promote yourself.

People know clickbaits waste their time.

There’s a lot going on.

We marketers know what we suck at. As humans, we can distinguish the right and good from the bad and wrong. Yet, we pretend to be unaware.

It’s all apparent – if you think it’s not, watch closely.

Just some random changes I’ve observed

The good ones.

Look at the list and you’d know why marketing is shifting towards being more realistic and why it’s turning into a trend.

  1. Advertisements

Not all advertisements suck.

But everyone has seen those teleshopping and ‘lose belly fat’ ads.

Those ads are only for the audience without trash-detection capabilities. WTFing and facepalming while watching advertisements is a common scene.

How do I know this? I observe people…and I’m one of them, too.

Most people prefer genuineness and have developed a no-nonsense outlook over time. Perhaps, because they’ve had enough.

There was a time you could make people believe your soap would change their life. But let’s admit it, we could be doing better than that, by being honest.

  1. Stock photos and images

Hopefully, cheap photos have become vanished from most content.

Thanks to some selfless photographers who provide public domain and CC0 images.

Cheap photos were exactly that – cheap.

Pretentiously dressed models giving hyperbolic expressions did fine for businesses once. Not anymore. Most people are likely to trust real images, or doodles and cartoons.

  1. Videos

There was a time.

People faking an accent, dressed in suits, and waving their hands to explain some charts looked great. That doesn’t work much now. Not as much as it used to.

Vloggers, non-professional filmmakers, unconventional leaders are doing their stuff fine, and people love them.

That’s because they’re being what they are.

It’s occurring everywhere

You name a segment of marketing.

The truth is, the internet has empowered people, and customers are conscious about the decisions they make, because they can perceive what happens behind the scenes.

And if they’re being fooled – they get it.

Transparency matters more than ever.

Be real.

Do you think modern marketing is shifting towards being more real, instead of ‘making up everything’? What changes have caught your eye?

Share them in the comments and spark an interesting conversation.

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