A Simple Reason Why Marketers Fail

Why Marketing Attempts Fail

“If I pose wearing nothing but an underwear, no one would pay me a penny. A celebrity can make millions by doing the same.”

That’s because I’m not that important.

And it makes a difference.

Who are you?

You may create spectacular content and yet not get a huge response.

Your product might be better, and still not sell.

You may be deserving, and yet not get your share.

Above all, you might get baffled. You won’t a find a rational reason behind all this. Still, there’s something that affects the outcomes.

If you don’t understand this, then it’s not your fault, as you might not have figured out this simple reason yet.

Most marketers don’t realize this simple thing.

“Who are you?” – The customers and audiences always want to know.

What it’s all about

“Sometimes, it’s not about how good you are or what you do, but rather about who you are.”

For instance, if Picasso’s painting gets sold for $179.4 million, that’s because it was created by Picasso.

A reason why certain artists or firms charge more than others is that they’ve earned their right to do so.

Some people who drudge and hustle still lack in certain aspects, whereas others thrive quite easily.

There’s a reason

Brands that charge more provide flawless services.

People who charge more give you value for money.

People having huge following have deserved it.

It doesn’t happen at once. It takes time.

But that’s not the sole reason that makes them unique.

It’s rather about something else

Although you might not realize it, you earn respect and loyalty, create an impact, and attract a bunch of people with whatever you do.

Slowly, as you build a manner of working, you unknowingly convey your motives and goals.

Your way of providing services, and the way you execute tasks shows the principles that you abide by.

Every tiny tasks you do can affect your overall success.

This is what forms a brand.

Your brand.

You may call it a personality if you wish.

If you do it the right way. Consistently. And finally establish an unshakable identity – then people come to know you.

They finally appreciate you. Soon, the image of your brand becomes crystal clear to them. That’s when they voluntarily start caring about you.

Word of mouth marketing, customer advocacy and all beautiful things follow that stage. But before that, you need to strive hard.

Amazon, SpaceX, Virgin, Apple, Walmart – you don’t see all these companies the same way, right? What makes you see them differently?

We’re exactly talking about that.

Sometimes it’s hard to express – but you can sense it. It’s the perception you’ve built over time, because of their stories, and what they’ve done.

The fix?

Make yourself matter.

Connect better.

Serve more.

In short, build an identity and gain some loyalty of people.

In the end, ask yourself a simple question.

Do they really know you, yet?

What do you think business, brands or people can do the best to make people care about what they do? Leave a comment.

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